He’s bold, unapologetic and opinionated. He’s not one to be ripped off.

Often politically incorrect, yet more observant than the most seasoned traveler, here’s here to whinge.

And no one does it better than The Whinging Pome!

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The Whinging Pome - To The Point

The Whinging Pome is the creation of travel retail (Duty Free) pioneer Paul Topping, a well-known and respected figure in the industry. With this unique character, Topping releases many grumbles, keen insights and ridiculously good-humoured insults on the unsuspecting participants of his varied travelling experiences. Taking no prisoners, yet never personal, The Whinging Pome is your definite guide to travel – especially if you want to know what NOT to do! 

Meandering along roads less travelled, spanning 18 countries over 45 stories, the Pome carries on whinging, not least about his wife’s inexhaustible shopping habits. Yet beneath the humour, one sees the truth and often a glimpse of the unique character of the author, as he relays his experiences in life along the journey. ‘The Whinging Pome To The Point’ is relevant whether you wish to leave the confines of a comfortable couch or grab a book as the perfect reading companion on your own journey.

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The Whinging Pome - On The Road Again

The Whinging Pome is back on the road with his often brusk Britishness, humour and whinges. Accompanying him is his slightly eccentric, shopaholic wife “Jezzabel”, whose outlook and influence can be extremely diverting, sometimes jeopardizing the Pome’s well laid out plans, and landing them in fresh adventures.

This is a collection of 53 short stories, that reveals the Whinging Pome’s personal experiences and encounters across 17 countries, from Japan to Uruguay, to France and India. The somewhat irrational confrontations with incomprehensible people along the way has led to the creation of Whinging Pome’s Random Rules, 230 (and counting) witty one-liners and opinionated interpretations on life, travel and people.

Take a journey with the Whinging Pome. Discover what a taphophile does – researching and enjoying visits to cemeteries as the Pome tracks down another field of dead bodies or a famous person’s last location. (Some call it “black tourism“). Establish if you have coddiwompler tendencies (i.e to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.)

This book is also a type of guide to making the most of life and being positive despite “Brick Backs”.

Testimonials for The Whinging Pome - To The Point

Went to bed last night enjoyed the read having picked over five or so stories to read . You are certainly on the point with lots of your writing
Alexander McCall Smith
Acclaimed Author
This book itself is a “terrific package.” It’s informative (especially about places one would never dream of visiting), provocative and amusing; a jolly good travelling companion in fact.
Royston Ellis
Enjoyed reading the book immensely! Every chapter reveals a surprise aspect, a what, a really , or a Oh moment..that gets etched permanently in your mind !The underlying humour in the style of writing, is so evident that it makes "whinging" a likable word !
Darby Raju
Congratulations on a great book. Was my (second) companion on my trip around Australia – while sipping new world wine of course!Namibia and New Zealand now firmly added to the bucket list to travel to. Having travelled with my wife for 3 weeks, for your next book I would suggest a whole chapter on the exercise preparation required for travelling with a companion who loves to shop (but not to carry the bags!)
Nishantha de Alwis
Manager - International Business Development The Janet Group
Dear Paul: Congratulations. Your book was a enjoyable reading. The best compliment is that I finished reading it in 30 days when my average for a book of that size & content is 90 days!
I thought your comments on SL restaurants & casual labour was harsh but I realised later they were from a whinging pome!
Best wishes for the success of your publication.
Derrick Juriansz
25 May 2018

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Me and my Cajón drum. You can’t beat it!

The cajón drum, described as the epitome of simplicity is the go-to option for playing the drums. Its history is quite a story in itself!

The story of my drumming goes back to Zambia. I still have the simple African toy-looking drum my parents bought me as a five-year-old. It’s more than a half-century old. At 16 I joined a band which had four guitarists, and someone had to be the drummer. “Who is the worst guitarist in the band?” One member asked. Well, it was me so I started with a simple snare drum and one cymbal. This was followed by an old five-piece Olympic drum set, and I played in working men’s clubs in the north of England.

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A taphophile in a war museum

Today I visited the London Imperial War Museum. I was last there at the age of 15 having just emigrated to the UK from Rhodesia. I recall the imposing battleship guns in front of the entrance (from HMS Resolution and

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Wolvendaal Kerk (church) Pettah

Wolvendaal Kerk (church) Pettah

Over the last few decades, I’ve attempted access to this church about six times. On google maps, it says closing at 4 pm. This time I’ve cracked it. With my driver Lucky we visit the church and find all three gates are chained up. It’s 3.30 pm. I’m getting frustrated. After closer investigation, Lucky establishes that one entrance has a chain around its two gates. He pulls on the chain to find there is no padlock.

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An Officer and a Gentleman - Movie Poster

We climb the steps every day

We all have favourite songs that in many cases are linked to a time or a place. There is one song for me that has so many impactful one-liners.

“The Road is long,
There are mountains in our way.
But we climb the steps every day”

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