He’s bold, unapologetic and opinionated. He’s not one to be ripped off.

Often politically incorrect, yet more observant than the most seasoned traveler, here’s here to whinge.

And no one does it better than The Whinging Pome!

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About the Book

The Whinging Pome - To the point

The Whinging Pome is the creation of travel retail (Duty Free) pioneer Paul Topping, a well-known and respected figure in the industry. With this unique character, Topping releases many grumbles, keen insights and ridiculously good-humoured insults on the unsuspecting participants of his varied travelling experiences. Taking no prisoners, yet never personal, The Whinging Pome is your definite guide to travel – especially if you want to know what NOT to do! 

Meandering along roads less travelled, spanning 18 countries over 45 stories, the Pome carries on whinging, not least about his wife’s inexhaustible shopping habits. Yet beneath the humour, one sees the truth and often a glimpse of the unique character of the author, as he relays his experiences in life along the journey. ‘The Whinging Pome To The Point’ is relevant whether you wish to leave the confines of a comfortable couch or grab a book as the perfect reading companion on your own journey.

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Went to bed last night enjoyed the read having picked over five or so stories to read . You are certainly on the point with lots of your writing
Alexander McCall Smith
Acclaimed Author
This book itself is a “terrific package.” It’s informative (especially about places one would never dream of visiting), provocative and amusing; a jolly good travelling companion in fact.
Royston Ellis
Recently started reading the book and have had a few good giggles. Jezzebel seems to be quite an interesting character. 😉
Danielle Schroder


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