Went to bed last night enjoyed the read having picked over five or so stories to read . You are certainly on the point with lots of your writing
Alexander McCall Smith
Acclaimed Author
This book itself is a “terrific package.” It’s informative (especially about places one would never dream of visiting), provocative and amusing; a jolly good travelling companion in fact.
Royston Ellis
Recently started reading the book and have had a few good giggles. Jezzebel seems to be quite an interesting character. 😉
Danielle Schroder
I am quite enjoying the light hearted, humorous and pithy style of writing.
Nataraj Ramaiah
Liked the structure, easy reading ,far to quick to criticizes.
Graham Parley
Enjoyed reading the book immensely! Every chapter reveals a surprise aspect, a what, a really , or a Oh moment..that gets etched permanently in your mind !The underlying humour in the style of writing, is so evident that it makes "whinging" a likable word !
Darby Raju
Just finished your book which I did enjoyed. I hope you are working on a sequel/second book and I am sure you do have lots of material given your travels, travails, and interesting life.
Shane Croner
Congratulations on a great book. Was my (second) companion on my trip around Australia – while sipping new world wine of course!Namibia and New Zealand now firmly added to the bucket list to travel to.Having travelled with my wife for 3 weeks, for your next book I would suggest a whole chapter on the exercise preparation required for travelling with a companion who loves to shop (but not to carry the bags!)
Nishantha de Alwis
Manager - International Business Development The Janet Group
Dear Paul: Congratulations. Your book was a enjoyable reading. The best compliment is that I finished reading it in 30 days when my average for a book of that size & content is 90 days!
I thought your comments on SL restaurants & casual labour was harsh but I realised later they were from a whinging pome!
Best wishes for the success of your publication.
Derrick Juriansz
25 May 2018
Still laughing about your AQABA comments in the book. Love reading it!! Well done on compiling all these superb vignettes!
Nadia Dajani
28 March 2018
Dad read the book and for the past 2 weeks or so I keep on hearing him laugh in his seat!
Thank you Paul - can't wait to go on my honeymoon and find the relaxing time to read it myself.
Assil Bakki
17 April 2018
Read your book on the flight back from Delhi last week. Although it is doubtful that you will win a Pulitzer award anytime soon it was a highly entertaining read with a good few laughs.
Karl Marnane
25 June 2018
I have read your book and are certainly inspired now for many more and new places to visit.Great reading!
Miriam Richter
7 August 2018
I must say that the book is great, mainly because there are so many things that I complain about that you do in the book (and there is a lot of complaining) so we are in agreement so much about travel but I guess all frequent travelers have the same issues.
Patrick Nilson
16 August 2018
I am quarter way through your book 🙂 You are truly a man wearing many fashionable Hats. Have a Rumtastic one!
Gautom Menon
4 September 2018
I am enjoying the book … you definitely need to launch the second edition ASAP 🙂
Tony Felix
28 September 2018
Having recently been a guest at the Galle Face Hotel, I browsed in the library and found a copy of your book. It made me laugh out loud many times and I could certainly identify with many of the topics and your opinion of same. This is a brief email to sincerely thank you for the entertainment you have given me.
Mrs Margot Radford
20 October 2018
I no longer need to travel the world. Just reading all your comments gives me all the geography and history that I need. Great work.
Garth Tuxford
20 November 2018
I have been reading your book during the small amount of downtime we have managed and can relate to several of your stories, a great entertaining read, thank you. we can catch up for a tipple on our return & share some more travel stories. Many thanks again. From 2 whinging pommies to a whinging Pome.
Ian & Helen
16 December 2018
Your travel tales are so nice and funny. They say that dry British humour is the best and you certainly confirm that.
Yvan Van Outrive
11 June 2019
Dear Paul,Many thanks for the book which I already is lapping up.I also admire the quality of paper, printing and binding!
16 February 20120
Paul Topping's books are always spirit lifters. His 'whinges' actually give more facts about places around the world than any travel book.The wines (his area of  expertise), the cafes, the touristy areas and just about everything a regular traveller visits, are cause for witty, pithy comments in the hands of a master POME. (Prisoner of Mother England)As a woman I can relate to his affectionate whinging on wife "Jezzebel' and her shopping mania. It is a permanent bedside book if one needs cheering before sleep!
Goolbai Gunasekara
25 March 2022

Feedback on the events

What a surprisingly entertaining evening. Indeed, you succeeded in sustaining our interest for over 2 hours.

You are a great raconteur, telling stories and anecdotes in a very amusing and informative way yet blending in, in a skillful way, the promotion of a selection of affordable wines.

Indeed, I was impressed with the wines and will be placing an order for a selection of bottles and adding that interesting ‘Blue’ wine.

The Bites were very tasty and the service unobtrusive yet timely.

So a special ‘Thank You’ to you, Paul, for the presentation and selection of excellent affordable wines tempting our taste buds – and our pockets.
Sir Ian Jennings
12 September 2018