The Whinging Pome – On The Road Again


The Whinging Pome is back on the road with his often brusk Britishness, humour and whinges. Accompanying him is his slightly eccentric, shopaholic wife “Jezzabel”, whose outlook and influence can be extremely diverting, sometimes jeopardizing the Pome’s well laid out plans, and landing them in fresh adventures.

This is a collection of 53 short stories, that reveals the Whinging Pome’s personal experiences and encounters across 17 countries, from Japan to Uruguay, to France and India. The somewhat irrational confrontations with incomprehensible people along the way has led to the creation of Whinging Pome’s Random Rules, 230 (and counting) witty one-liners and opinionated interpretations on life, travel and people.

Take a journey with the Whinging Pome. Discover what a taphophile does – researching and enjoying visits to cemeteries as the Pome tracks down another field of dead bodies or a famous person’s last location. (Some call it “black tourism“). Establish if you have coddiwompler tendencies (i.e to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.)

The follow up to the Pome’s first publication, “Whinging Pome: To the Point”, this latest book is about having fun, traveling, and encounters with memorable people and places along the way. Like the first book, On the Road Again is also a type of travel and life guide with a stiff upper lip when needed and inspirations when least expected.

This book is also a type of guide to making the most of life and being positive despite “Brick Backs”.

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