Football World Cup 2022

Football World Cup 2022

Now England is out I’m in the mood to write about this Football World Cup. I’m staying focused on the venues, games, organization and results as the human rights issues and abuse of workers is not within my ken. I.e. I don’t know.

Multiple venues in one area sound so logical; the next world cup is I hear in three counties, a logistic nightmare. Top quality stadiums in Doha, many to be rebuilt elsewhere to benefit less fortunate countries is a refreshing idea. The programs of matches and the structure of games are well established by FIFA.

I can truthfully say I’ve never watched so much football in my life, helped by technology. 50 % of games I’ve watched live. Great to see underdog teams not expected to do well, (e.g. Morocco, Uruguay) take on the giants and big names. (E.g. Brazil, Germany) and win.

So, if you haven’t watched any football I’d like to know where you have been and what you were doing. Not so surprisingly, I’ve spoken to ladies who were more interested in watching sexy-looking footballers than the game. The good news is that it’s not over and you can still catch some of the final matches. E.g. Argentina vs Croatia, France vs. Morocco, semi-final and the final.

When I went online to check some facts about the World Cup, one thousand one hundred and eighty million people had logged in before me. There are 32 country teams playing 64 matches, across seven stadiums costing 200 $ billion.

Three countries host the next World Cup, USA Mexico and Canada. (The murder rate in Mexico is 95 % higher than in the USA, think I’d only go to Canada)

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