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We climb the steps every day

We all have favourite songs that in many cases are linked to a time or a place. There is one song for me that has so many impactful one-liners.

“The Road is long,
There are mountains in our way.
But we climb the steps every day”

Up Where We Belong – Song by Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker

Those three lines resonate for me, I can give the varying times that they have popped up in my mind. “Who knows what tomorrow brings” can have varying interpretations depending on your situation.

Joe Cocker

The song however is called, “love lifts us up where we belong.” For most of us the song was sung by Joe Cocker (of Sheffield) and Jennifer Warnes (of Seattle) in the 1980s. Jennifer had a big hit with “The time of my life” from the movie Dirty Dancing. Well before that the song “Up where we belong” was written by Buffy Sainte Marie and Will Jennings. For you younger people, it may be the song highlighted in the movie “Officer and a Gentleman” starring Richard Gere, John Travolta having turned down the part.

There could be a deeper meaning i.e. that we all have to keep climbing the steps every day. If love is worth having, it’s worth fighting for every day, as we don’t know what tomorrow brings. This smacks at love the one you’re with, the future you can influence but not all is under your control.

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