Colonial Colombo Fort Tour

Walking tours around Colombo’s highlights and history with The Whinging Pome

Colonial Colombo Fort Tour

An opportunity to see and hear the uncensored stories, history and colonial splendor of the Fort central area and Galle Face Colombo. Everything from Prince Phillip’s car, murders, horse racing, iconic hotels, city bank buildings, the clock tower, tall chandeliers, a hidden church, numerous statues, bombings, the port and the Chinese Port City, gossip, travel stories and more with the best flat white coffee in the city!

Colombo Manhattan Tour

Waterfront walk, the new Manhattan of Colombo, new developments on a grand scale, many running late, 100plus birds and Sid the water monitor, colonial history, The Masonic Lodge, Hawkers food center, the new urban gardens. Coffee and views from the Shangri-la Hotel.

Rusting Beira Lake Tour

Walk around the Beira Lake with stunning views, rusting cars, islands, temples, plenty of birds and see where decay meets the new skyscrapers. Coffee stop at the Monkey Bean Cafe.

Victoria/ Viharamahadevi Park Tour

A Victoria park walk that covers the history, war time, the statues, plaques, trains, theatres, Queen Victoria and more, wrapped up with a secret coffee stop.

Massive photo opportunities, coffee stops optional and lots of WP stories.

Restricted to lady participants!

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2 thoughts on “Walking tours around Colombo’s highlights and history with The Whinging Pome”

  1. Had the pleasure to walk most of these tours with you … particularly intrigued by the “ Rusting Beira Lake Walk”. Love the title as so apt! It’s important to spot beauty in the detail – often hidden within plain sight around us. Love your whinging elaborations & observations. Keep them coming !!!! 🤩


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