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The kiss…from betrayal, ecstasy, passion and duty

The history of the kiss goes back to 1500 BC, Sanskrit evidence has been found that shows Vedas of an India/ Hindu background had indulged in kissing. So, on this kissing day here are four famous kisses.

1. According to Matthew and Mark’s religious gospels, Judas Iscariot, a most trusted disciple kissed Jesus whilst in the garden of Gethsemane. This was a betrayal as it identified Jesus, who was then arrested. This was named the kiss of betrayal.

2. At the end of world war two, an unknown sailor grabbed an unknown lady in the street and gave her a big hug and a kiss. A photo was taken and it was featured in LIFE magazine in 1945. It became the most famous photo of the post-WW2 era…ecstasy kiss.

Legendary kiss V–J day in Times Square Alfred Eisenstaedt.jpg
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3. William Shatner, who is now 90 years of age kissed Michelle Nichols in the 1968 Star-trek series and it became a landmark first interracial kiss. A passionate kiss.

Plato's Stepchildren kiss.jpg
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4. The old Soviet Union days the country head would often indulge in the socialist fraternal kiss with high-powered politicians and country heads. President Jimmy Carter did kiss President Brezhnev. When I was in Berlin I took the picture below which was a cartoon on the Berlin Wall. Above the Trabant car notice the two men kissing.….duty calls.

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