Little Saint James Island aka 'Pedophile island'​ owned by Jeffrey Epstein

Power, presidents, paedophiles and the pained

By now many of us have seen the documentary series about Jeffrey Epstein, its called “Filthy Rich” on Netflix. It tells the story of about twenty years of abuse, molestation and a paedophile pyramid manipulating young women, many under sixteen years of age into the sex trade. Jeffrey Epstein was the man behind it all, assisted by Ghislaine Maxwell.

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Jeffrey Epstein owned an island on which he entertained politicians, presidents including Clinton and Trump, top financiers, even a prince of the English royal family and more. The island would have many women available, many under the age of sexual consent, some actually trafficked there whilst some participated willingly in sexual acts with the rich and famous. Epstein used it to influence an ingratiate himself with people who would then support him and his billionaire empire.

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Bungled or corrupt officials failed to get him properly locked up for over twenty years. The courts finally got him locked up on a long sentence. He was sent to a secondary jail, a strange choice some say. It was there he committed suicide. An autopsy arranged by Epstein’s brother officially announced Epstein could not have the injuries he had from committing suicide, in summary, he was murdered. Ask yourself who would want him killed?

The series highlights the true story of how the rich and famous participated and befriended this man and how the USA legal/police were unable to protect these girls. Some say this documentary is a tribute to all those victims. There were a few brave and honest men and women who restlessly fought the corrupt government depts, amidst personal physical/financial threats to get the evidence heard in the higher courts. This resulted in justice finally being administrated.

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The true story goes on and Ghislaine Maxwell is now facing court process which may result in her spilling the beans on many of the rich and famous men who were abusing the underage girls Jeffrey had supplied them. Some say Ghislaine may appear but has she some legally binding deal in the USA so she cant be prosecuted. She will need to be protected as there are many people with a vested interest in keeping her quiet. Netflix is already working on a follow-up documentary.

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