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Montmartre: A Potential Disney Location

It’s been more than twenty-five years since I’ve been to this hilltop authentic village and basilica. What a difference a quarter of a century makes. I take Jezzabel there to share this unique location, the views and a quant hilltop village.

Oh my god how it has changed, there are still artists happy to do your portrait and the old religious buildings are amazing in this historic village. The people in their masses look a motley crew and the place is filthy. It’s amassed with tourists and reminds me of a theme park. People eating and drinking in the streets, the brides-to-be with their fairy outfits wandering around the cobbled streets. I keep looking for the big Disney sign and the shows on the street. It’s rough. Cheap tat shops and rip of restaurants where everyone sits facing the roads eating crapes or pizza. The roads are mainly pedestrian but with taxis, small buses and Cho Cho train rides.

I think this is my last visit to this hilltop tourist trap and the masses.

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