Berlin Revisited


We land at Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport which was built around nineteen forty but we pass the new Billy Brandt airport which looks like Greek architecture. It was due to open in 2010 but now planned to open in 2020. Doesn’t sound like German efficiency. The German immigration takes a nano second to look at my passport let me in. Ah British you see, honest chap, wait till post Brexit. My wife with a Australian and Sri Lankan passport takes somewhat longer.

Pondicherry – Not So French

We arrive on a Friday late afternoon and the first impressions of Pondicherry, on southeast coast of India , are not so good. The sea promenade is awash with masses of people. The narrow streets are hectic with bikers and cars, with blaring horns. Its impossible to look at the buildings and shops etc as […]

Message in a Bottle: The Road Less Travelled – The Greek Island

Antiparos is a small island that is part of the Cyclades that comprises 220 islands in the Agean Sea. It is very accessible by sea with open deck ferries leaving from Pounta on the island of Paros. The journey takes about 10 minutes. Paros has the dubious title of the party island and tempting though […]

A Mad Dash to Mysore

My travel partner Darby and I set off at least an hour behind schedule. A bit like the two aging men in the ” odd couple” movie of 1998 where Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon set off on a journey, bundling along as two eccentrics. Same as the movie, its for sure there will be […]

Dublin; The City That Took on The Empire and Won!

In my book The Whinging Pome To The Point, I noted in the ‘Cheap Women Grey City’ story that Ireland’s most notable exports are People, Guinness, and the Irish pub concept. However, on a recent trip to Dublin, while the above remains true, the best of Ireland is alive and well in Dublin.  I flew […]

New York State of Mind

New York. I want to taste, experience and wake up in this cosmopolitan city that never sleeps. As I arrive, I am no different from any other tourist and have a list of places I want to visit together with experiencing the restaurants, bars and the nightlife. Not to mention that ‘s’ word that my […]

Avignon, France and the Hotel D’Europe

Avignon, France and the Hotel D’Europe

Arriving at the walled city of Avignon, in Provence France, the gendarme stood in front of the car; making it clear there was no entry into the city. I waived a piece of paper at him but he was still disinterested. So being English I peeped my car horn at him. He approached the car […]

Richard the Third meets Blackadder

In 2015 the remains of Richard the Third, the last Plantagenet of England were buried in Leicester cathedral , five centuries after he died . The ceremony attracted many visitors and hit worldwide TV. So where had he been for all those years? He died [was killed] in 1487 at the battle of Bosworth, defeated […]

The Chinese are not coming to Sri Lanka – They arrived in mass

In  2014 I wrote an article for LT Sri Lanka, called The Chinese Are Coming. In the article, I raised the question of potential issues which may arise as a result of heavy Chinese investment in Sri Lanka. Two key concerns were that the Chinese were looking at financial investment as a form of colonization […]

Sunset, full moon and The Whinging Pome launch at Bangalore Soma Vineyards

An amazing sunset and a full moon rise creates the backdrop for the official launch of THE WHINGING POME – TO THE POINT at Bangalore Soma Vineyards on the 31st of March. An international group of over 70 people from India, Sweden, UK, Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada, Hungary and Sri Lanka toured the vineyard, enjoying excellent wine! […]